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    • 刮板蒸發器


    • 刮板蒸發器外殼內帶有加熱蒸汽夾套,其內裝有可旋轉的葉片即刮板。刮板有固定式和轉子式兩種,前者與殼體內壁的間隙為0.5~1.5mm,后者與器壁的間隙隨轉子的轉數而變。料液由刮板蒸發器上部沿切線方向加入(亦有加至與刮板同軸的甩料盤上的)。由于重力、離心力和旋轉刮板刮帶作用,溶液在器內壁形成下旋的薄膜,并在此過程中被蒸發濃縮,完成液在底部排出。這種蒸發器是一種利用外加動力成膜的單程型蒸發器。



    刮板蒸發器,它是一種適應性很強的新型蒸發器,例如對高粘度、熱敏性和易結晶、結垢的物料都適用。它主要由加熱夾套和刮板組成,夾套內通加熱蒸汽,刮板裝在可旋轉的軸上,刮板和加熱夾套內壁保持很小間隙,通常為0.5~1.5 mm。料液經預熱后由蒸發器上部沿切線方向加入,在重力和旋轉刮板的作用下,分布在內壁形成下旋薄膜,并在下降過程中不斷被蒸發濃縮,完成液由底部排出,二次蒸汽由頂部逸出。


    Scraper evaporator product details:

    Scraper evaporator, which is a highly adaptable new type of evaporator, for example for high viscosity, heat sensitive and easy to crystallize and scale materials. It is mainly composed of a heating jacket and a scraper. The jacket is heated by steam. The scraper is mounted on a rotatable shaft. The scraper and the inner wall of the heating jacket are kept at a small gap, usually 0.5 to 1.5 mm. After the preheating, the liquid is added from the upper part of the evaporator in the tangential direction. Under the action of gravity and rotating scraper, the lower rotating film is distributed on the inner wall, and is continuously evaporated and concentrated during the descending process, and the finished liquid is discharged from the bottom. The secondary steam escapes from the top.


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