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          • 釜式反應器


          • 釜式反應器的結構主要由殼體、攪拌裝置、軸封和換熱裝置四大部分組成。





          The kettle reactor can be divided into:

          Batch tank reactor, or batch kettle.
          Features: Flexible operation, easy to adapt to different operating conditions and product varieties, suitable for small batch, multi-variety, long reaction time production. The disadvantage of the batch kettle is that it requires auxiliary operations such as charging and unloading, and the product quality is not easy to stabilize. However, some reaction processes, such as some fermentation reactions and polymerization reactions, have difficulty in achieving continuous production, and batch kettles have hitherto been used.
          Continuous tank reactor
          Features: The disadvantages of the batch kettle can be avoided, but the agitation will cause backmixing of the fluid in the kettle. In the case of vigorous stirring, low liquid viscosity or long average residence time, the material flow pattern in the kettle can be regarded as a full mixed flow, and the reaction kettle is correspondingly referred to as a full mixed kettle. In the case where a high conversion rate or a series side reaction is required, the back mixing phenomenon in the tank reactor is a disadvantage. In this case, a multi-tank reactor can be used to reduce the adverse effects of back mixing, and the reaction conditions can be controlled by a separate kettle.
          Semi-continuous tank reactor: refers to a reactor in which one raw material is added at a time, and another raw material is continuously fed, and its characteristics are between a batch reactor and a continuous reactor.


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